Isaac Kulka
Human-Computer Interaction
Experimental Interaction Design
Usability Testing and Evaluation
Professional and Academic Portfolio
Augmented Reality Trail Guide
  • Video Demo

  • Conference Paper

  • Mobile discovery companion
  • Online/offline web app
  • Design decisions informed by expert interviews and usability testing
  • Web technology powered: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP

Gesture-Based Interactive Narrative
  • Video Demo

  • Interaction Flowchart

  • Narrative Storyboard

  • Embodied interactive narrative
  • Thorough design process: design flow, storyboards, prototypes and user tests
  • Collaboration of backgrounds: Audio/Video, Digital Media, Comp Sci and HCI
Social Mixed Reality
  • Paper

  • Team-based gameplay
  • Shared AR content overlaid in real-world game space
  • WebSocket-enabled real-time communication
Virtually-Collocated Augmented Reality
  • Paper

  • Collaborative architecture and design
  • Shared annotations bring focus to the shared space
  • Alternative views shift the focus of the collaboration
  • Real time collaboration over WebSockets

Visual Feature Tracking
  • 6DoF real-time fiduciary marker tracking
  • Web-enhanced virtual overlays of real-world artifacts
  • Real-to-virtual object interaction
Visual Analogy Solver
  • Applied knowledge-based artificial intelligence
  • Recursive visual object extraction and comparison
  • Java-based OOP