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Spinal Health Medical App Design Studio



Our team held a vision workshop with a client in the healthcare space. Our goal was to establish an initial face-to-face rapport with the client and define the goals and capabilities for the collaborative solution we would design together.

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Over 100 ideas were captured during the initial vision workshop. The results were generalized into a core group of representative user classes. I was part of a team of three designers running the session.

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We each led a group of participants in composing one of three main personas: a patient, a doctor and a healthcare system administrator. I led the team focused on the administrator persona.

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We used the ideas captured during the workshop to build out detailed journeys for our personas. These were vetted with our participants to keep us grounded in their industry.

Master Journey.png

The workshop concluded with a journey illustrating the medical touch-points and patient outcomes needed to produce a successful solution.



The data gathered during the vision workshop provided our team with the information we needed to design the UI for a solution that would meet the needs of our role-based personas, and run across multiple devices and form factors. We relied on these personas to keep us grounded in the needs of our end users as established by our client participants.