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Intranet Redesign

Redesigned an employee intranet to unify company identity across teams after a series of acquisitions. Centralized company messaging and access to critical employee resources. Adopted the same styles and UX patterns developed for our external user-facing products.



Wireframes Combined.png

I began this project by consulting with stakeholders across the company to produce a list of UX requirements.

  • Intranet services must be made available to both desktop and mobile users.

  • Prioritize content by position, size and use of imagery.

  • Progressively load additional content via infinite scroll to avoid needlessly serving content rarely reached.

  • Lock menu items to the top of the page.

I produced these wireframes to quickly explore multiple potential layouts before beginning development of a high fidelity UX prototype.


High Fidelity Prototype

Prototype Combined.png

I utilized wireframe feedback to begin designing an interactive prototype.

The prototype met all initial stakeholder requirements.

We conducted a series of internal usability tests to identify opportunities for improving the design ahead of hand-off to developers.

We reviewed the prototype with our engineering teams to validate design feasibility and prioritize the order of feature development.