Wealth Management Process Flows



Our design team was tasked with supporting an important client meeting about wealth management solutions. We needed a small tactical team to assist the partner in charge of managing the relationship with this client. I joined the team as an information architect and was assisted by a visual designer. We ideated with the partner to produce a series of illustrations that would demonstrate the value we offered our client and their customers.



Black and White.png

I started with a simple grayscale wireframe of how the user journey might be illustrated. Since the process was a cycle, we would illustrate it as a circle.

Venn Diagram.png

Venn Diagram
The visual designer developed a pleasing color pallet that conveyed a sense of growth and optimism. We used simple icons and a Venn diagram structure to capture where and how our features overlapped to provided additional benefit to the client.

Life Saver.png

We held review sessions often. This presented us with opportunities to reflect and build out more complete representations of the customer’s journey. We experimented with approaching the value we added from different angles. In the image above, we tried framing our services in terms of assistants, giving us a more personal feel.

Subway Map
The process we were tasked with illustrating was very fluid and ad hoc. The parter wanted a diagram which could move in any direction that the client might choose to go in the upcoming meeting. I architected a subway-like diagram to illustrate some of the more prominent connections in the journey, using input from the partner.



We continued to develop additional designs. In the final design (not shown) we borrowed elements from each of the iterations illustrated here. It demonstrated the flow of interactions between a financial advisor and a high net worth client, illustrating the touch points between their needs and the products we were promoting. The visual asset was used during a meeting with high level client executives. It succeeded in bringing the client back for more low level demonstrations of our solutions.